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Kodaikanal Other Important Places

Dolmen circle

     Dolmen circle is situated near Parvatha Vihar and the Pannikadu village.  Kodaikanal is put on anthropology map mainly because of the presence of pre-historic remains dating back to 5000 BC.  These are called dolmens and kistavens which are the dwelling and burial places of people of stone age and iron age.  The dolmens are fantastic stone of two very large erect stone slabs topped by a larger flat slab.  Many such dwellings were destroyed but even now, they are seen intact in two places namely perumal peak and Shenbaganur Museum.

Kukkai Cave

     About 40 km from Kodaikanal is this natural cave where cavemen dwelt.  It is a nice camping centre with ample scope the trekking.  After walking through geranium plantations, pine and wattle forest, the Kukkal forest rest house can be reached.  The caves here are actually overhanging slabs of rocks.  This rock shelter is at altitude of 1500m.  The cave reveals traces of earliest settled tribals, Paliyans who used to wear leaf clothing.  Over viewing the caves are Manjampath valley where bison’s can be seen.

Kurinji Poo (Flower)

     It blossoms once in 12 years.  The last blossom was 2004.  During that period Honey got from this place is supposed to be more sweet and good for health.


     This is also maintained by the Sacred Heart College.  It is one of the best of its kind and contains about 300 species of orchids.

Telescope House

     Two telescopes are erected in two different viewpoints in kodiakanal to have a clear view of the plains and valleys.  One is near the Kurinji Andavar temple and the other is at Coaker’s Walk.  Entrance fee has to be paid to look trough them.

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