Kodai Places to Visit in Kodaikanal Tourist places Tamil Nadu India

     Kodaikanal (also known as Kodai) is a city and a Taluk division of Dindigul district in the state of Tamil Nadu, South India.  Kodaikanal is sometimes referred to as the “Princess of Hill stations” and is a popular tourist destination.  Much of the local economy is Hospitality industry based on national and international tourism.  Kodaikanal was established by American missionaries around 1845, as a refuge from the high temperatures and tropical diseases of the plains.  Kodaikanal Hill Stations located at an altitude of 2133 mts.  (7000 feet) frequented by tourists in large numbers throughout the year.

Kodaikanal Tamil Nadu

Kodaikkanal is about 60 km from Dindigul and 120 km from Madurai.  Of all the three major hill stations of Tamil Nadu Ooty, Kodaikanal and Yercaud it is definitely the most beautiful and unlike Ooty does not warrant heavy woolen clothes during winter.  It is located on the western crest of the Palani hills amidst thickly wooded slopes, precipitous rocky outcrops, waterfalls, fragrant and colorful flowers with astonishing viewpoints that is incomparable to any place in India.  Unlike Ooty where you have to travel long distances to see the places of tourist interest,  here you can visit all the places within walking distance.  This is nice place not only to escape the heat of the tropical summer and a perennial place of relaxation.  Kodaikanal mean cool resting place in summer (Kodai).

      The collector of Madurai Vere Leving constructed several roads and dug the lake.  The climate is quite ideal for blossoms to bloom and the Pambar stream provides excellent water.  One of the world’s oldest solar observatories (1899) is also located here.

     Kodaikanal tour is best to visit during the time of April to June and from September to October.

Kodaikanal Honeymoon

      Kodaikanal is a romantic hill station for the newly-weds to go for a 45 ha.  (60 Acres) lake built in 1863, is located close to the centre of town.  The Golf club is about 5 km from the lake.  The Kodai Golf club has the finest courses in Kodaikanal. Cycles for children, boys and girls are available on hire to go around the lake.  Roller Skating – Y.M.H Skating hall, Post Office Road. Pony ride is available on hire. The large number of 'kodaikanal honeymoon packages' are available.

Kodaikanal Tourism

Kodaikanal is noted for its sunny and equable climate and for its enchanting beauty.  It stands amidst great sylvan beauty on the southern crest of the upper Palani Hills at a height of 2133m above sea level.  Its luscious greenery, wooded slopes, lakes and enchanting waterfalls form a visual treat to the visitor.  Fruits like plums and plantains grow abundantly apart from a wide variety of flowers.  The pride of Kodaikanal is Kurunji, a rare flower which blooms once in twelve years making the hill slopes a blaze of purple.  The place has been developed as a health resort.  With its many lakes and rocky escarpments, it is suited for a quiet rest as well as for vigorous relaxation.  The best season to visit from April to June and September to October.

Set up as a European sanatorium in 1845 by the American Madura Mission, Kodaikanal's main hub is an artificial lake, created in 1863.  Boat clubs, walking paths, churches, parks and a golf course soon followed and in 1901 an American boarding school for the children of missionaries was started.The British set up Fort Hamilton, a military outpost at Beri Jam, a marsh 21km from Kodai and built a road to Top Station in 1925.  Fearing a possible Japanese invasion of South India in 1942, the British hastily repaved the 81km stretches an escape route from the hills to the harbor at Cochin.  With a maximum elevation of 2,481m/8,140ft, the Kodaikanal-Munnar Road was among the highest motorable roads in India South of the Himalayas until closed to traffic in 1990.  The historic 3-day trek requires written permits and is one of 17 scenic walks that showcase the area's natural splendor thick shoal rainforests enveloped in mist, the smell of eucalyptus and pine and the fabled kurinji that flowers every 12 years.

Kodaikanal Sightseeing

Kodaikanal is about 64km south of Palani and 60km from Batalagundu and 20k from Kodai Road railway station.

The Starfish-shaped Kodaikanal Lake forms the nucleus of this compact town.  Surrounded by eateries and cars selling hot bajjis and tea, the lake's 5km perimeter is ideal for walks (45min), cycling or horse rides.  Boats ae available at the TTDC Boat House or Kodaikanal Boat and Rowing Club and anglers can cast a line for carp and trout with prior permission from the Inspector of Fisheries in Kodai.

East of the lake is the bust Seven Road junction, surrounded by hotels, restaurants, curio shops and stores advertising Kodai's home-made chocolates, marsh mallows, incense and aromatic oils.

Southeast of the lake is Bryant Park laid in 1908 by H.D.Bryant, a forest officer from Madurai.  The 8.3ha/20.5 acre botanical garden is a storehouse of 325 species of trees, with a separate section for 740 rose varieties and ornamental plants on sale at the nursery.

Just across the road, beyond St Peter's Church (Church of South India), is he legendary Coaker's Walk (open 7am to 7pm), cut into the hill's southeastern ridge by Lt Coaker in 1872.  Hemmed in between Villa Retreat and Greenland's Youth Hostel, the 1km paved path offer scenic views. Dolphin's Nose, Pambar River and Madurai can be seen more clearly through the telescope in the small observatory.

For more long distance viewing, drop by at the Kodaikanal Observatory, perched atop the town's highest point north of the lake on Observatory Road.  Started in 1898, it is one of the oldest observatories in the world and India's only Solar Physical Laboratory.  One of the oldest extant telescopes in the world and rare solar photographs are also on showcase.  The exclusive precincts are open to visitors only on Friday between 10am to 12.30pm and 7-9pm.

North of Observatory Road, 1.6km from the lake is Bear Shola Falls, a watering hole for bears in the past.  Convent Road heads north of Kodai Lake to Kurinji Andavar Temple 3km away, with spectacular views of the Palani Hills and Vaigai Dam.  Dedicated to Lord Murugan, Lord of the Hills, the temple slopes are carpeted with Kurinji, whose purple-blue flowers blossom every 12 years(Watch out for 2016).

From Bryant Park, the road splits into St Mary's Road, which ends in Pambarpuram at St Salette, the oldest church in Kodail.  The right of the fork Club Road merges into Upper Shola Road.  Upper Lak Road offers a panoramic view of the lake while Fairy Falls Road leads to the wispy waterfall near the Horticultural Research Station.  The Upper Shola Road meanders south-west of the  lake to Green Valley View (Suicide Point) and  a clutch of shops.

Kodaikanal Tourist Places

The location of this hill station is about 2133m. Large number of tourist visits this place all around the year. Important places like Bryant Park, Pillar Rock, Lake, Solar Observatory, Telescope Houses at Coaker's Walk, Kurinji Andavar Temple, Perumal Peak, Silver Cascade, Bear Shola Falls, Berijam Lake, Museum, Orchidorium at Sacred heart College and Shenbaganur. Trekking routs are available in a good manner.

Kodaikanal Lake

The star shaped Lake spread over an area of 24 hectares and is rimmed by a 5km long road. It is the main attraction of this hill station. It was created in 1863, by Sir Vere Hentry Levinge (1885), the Collector of Madurai.  Fishing and boating are main sport here.

Bryant Park in Kodai

Bryant Park is on the eastern side of the lake. It is about 1km from the bus stand. It is a beautiful park planned and built by the forest officer of Madurai H. D Bryant in 1908.  This park is about 20.5 acres of botanical garden. We can see 325 species of trees, shrubs and cactus. There are 1857 Eucalyptus trees and a Bodhi tree. Bryant Park has 740 varieties of roses are also available here. This park attracts lot of tourist for its flower show and vegetable show in the summer season.

Kodai Water falls

     Fairy Falls, Silver Cascade, Glen Falls and Bear Shola Falls are the main falls that serve as good picnic spots.  Bear Shola Falls is about 1.5 km from the lake and can be reached by a picturesque ragged path.  Silver cascade is on the ghat road to Madurai 8 km from Kodaikanal. The other falls are also within walking distance from the Kodai lake. They are beautiful and charming as their names indicate.

Bear Shola Falls

Bear Shola Falls is an ideal picnic spot in Kodaikanal. It is about 1.6km from the bus stand and 2km from the lake. Once upon a time bear came there to drink water so this fall got the name Bear Shola falls. We can reach this falls by the hill path. Rainy season is the best time to visit this falls.

Kodai Coaker’s Walk

Coaker's is about half a km from the Kodai Lake.  Er. Coaker identified this steep slope pathway in 1872. The Pedestrian path is about 1km along the south side of kodai.  It is a semi-circular beautiful path overlooking the plains. The view from here is simply captivating. The distant plains appear to be a dreamland. It provides an excellent view of the plain below. We can view dolphin's nose in the south valley of the river Pambar, Periyakulam town and the city of Madurai through the telescope on a clear and visible day (without mist).

Kodai Golf Club

Kodai Golf Club is situated on the road to the Pillar Rocks, the Kodai Golf Club boasts of a well-laid 18-hole course fit for competitions at national level.  Often the golfers teeing in the early morning accost herds of wild animals.  The Club is exclusively for its members.  Non-members and holidays golfers, who want to play, have to pay a special subscription.  The tourists on the road have a glimpse of the whole range.

Pillar Rocks Kodaikanal

Deriving the name from the three boulders standing shoulder to shoulder vertically to a height of 122m, providing a panoramic view, this place is a popular picnic spot.  Pillar Rocks is 7.4 km from the lake.

The Solar Observatory

     This is one of the oldest observatories in the world that came into being in 1899.  The solar observatory is being used to observe sunspots and their behavior.  Solar Physics, Astronomy and Meteorology are the main concerns.  It is about 850 ft higher than the lake.

Shenbaganur Museum

     Located about 5.5 from Kodai is this museum devoted to the flora and fauna of the hills.  The museum is being run by the Sacred Heart College, a seminary founded in 1895.  Some of the archaeological remains are also exhibited here.  It is a must for ever visitor as it enlightens on subjects very interesting to hilly habitat.

Kurinji Andavar Temple Kodaikanal

  An ancient temple dedicataed to Lord Subramanaya as Muruga, which is a popular place of worship.    Kurunji is the name of a flower of the hills.  That is why in Tamil, the mountainous region is called Kurinji.  It is a small bush and blooms one in 12 years.  The flowers are a delicate mauve and during the flowering season the hill sides look completely mauve and look like a mauve-tinted fairy land.  Near the Prospect Point is the Kurinji Andavar temple.  The presiding deity is Lord Muruga just like Lord Dandayuthapani of Palani.  The site for the temple was picked by a Ceylonese named Sri Ponnambalam Ramanathan sijply because of the Visibility of Palani 60 km away and 6000fr below.  One can also get a glimpse of the Vaigai dam which is 3.2 km from here.

Kodaikanal Best Places

Orchid Museum

Known as Shembaganur Museum, it was founded by the Sacred Heart College, a Theological Seminary, in 1895.  This remarkable house is having more than 300 species of Orchids. This is a popular place for botanist and garden enthusiasts.

Telescopic Houses

There are two telescopic houses at this place; one is near Kurinji Andavar temple and another at Coaker's Park.

Water Falls

There are several beautiful waterfalls around Kodaikanal which are worth visiting. Silver Cascade is situated on the ghat road at a distance of 8km. Bear Shola falls is very near and it is an ideal picnic. The Kembakkorai waterfalls is about 12km away.

Beryjam Lake 21km

Beryjam Lake is about 21km from Kodaikanal. This is a beautiful lake which is the chief source of drinking water for Periakulam town. The Bear Shola waterfall is a very popular picnic spot.

Perumal Peak 11km

Perumal Peak is about 11km from Kodaikanal. This is a 2400m high peak offering excellent opportunity for trekking, starting from Perumal Malai village, a point known as Neutral Saddle.

Kukkal Caves 40km

Kukkal Caves is about 11km from Kodaikanal. This is ahistorical place as it is said that it was once a habitat of ancient cavemen.  It is now favorite campsite for trekking.

Dolman Circle

Dolman Circle is located near Parvatha Vihar and the Pannikadu village. The dolmens are very fantastic stone slabs. These stones are very large erect and it is topped by a larger flat slab many of the dwellings were destroyed. We can see this in two places. They are the Perumal Peak and Shenbaganur Museum. Phone: 04542-241210.

Green Valley View

Green Valley View is about 5.5lm from the lake and it is very near the Golf club.  This point gives us a beautiful view of the Vaigai dam.  The valleys of Green are very deep, dense and dangerous. This place is also known as suicide point. Phone: 04542-240287.

Shree Vardhaman Mahaveer Jain Temple

Shree Vardhaman Mahaveer jain temple is located opposite to the Kohinoor Bungalow at Chettiar Road, Kodaikanal Phone: 04542-241164.

Silver Cascade

Silver cascade is about 8km from Kodau-Lake. The over flow of water in Kodai Lake comes down in a height of 180 feet.

Pambar Falls

Pambar falls is about 4km from Kodaikanal.  "Grand cascade" is the another name for this Magnificent.

Joye's forest Trek

Joey's house is about 45 minutes drive from kodai.  It lies inside the forest. We can Trek here through the jungle. Elephant and bison are seen here.  Mobile: 09842145220.

Berijam lake View

Berijam Lake view is about 19km from the Kodaikanal Lake. This place provides the panoramic view of Berijam Lake.

Tourist Information Center

The Tourist Information Centre located near the bus stand. Open from 10.00 am to 5.45pm on all days except holidays. Phone: 0454-2241675.

Kodaikanal can be reached by excellent roads.  Regular bus services are available from most of the cities in South India.  Taxis and autorickshaws can be hired for local sightseeing on the hills.

How to Reach Kodaikanal

How to Reach Kodaikanal By Air

: The nearest airport for Kodaikanal is at Madurai (121km). Trichy airport is about 200km from Kodaikanal.

How to Reach Kodaikanal By Rail

The nearest railheads are Kodai Road (80km) and Palani (66km).

How to Reach Kodaikanal By Road

Kodaikanal is well connected in all the main cities in Tamil Nadu. The names of the cities are Chennai(526 km), Madurai (115 km), Coimbatore(172 km), Bangalore (466 km), Ooty (252 km) etc.

Kodaikanal Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you want ask question Contact this Mail Id: gkarthikeyan2k@yahoo.com

How far is Chennai to Kodaikanal?
Kodaikanal is about 525.9km away from Chennai.

Which is the best time to visit Kodaikanal?
The best time to visit Kodaikanal in the summer April-May and during the winter 2nd session December to January.

Kodaikanal in august is best to visit or not?
June to September months have heavy monsoon season in Kodaikanal.  We can enjoy the beauty of rains; feel fresh air during these months. So carry umbrellas and raincoats.

What are the important places in Kodaikanal?
Kodai Lake, Silver falls, Coakers walk, Bryant Park, Berjam Lake, Kurinji andavar temple, Suicide Point, Pillars rock, The Devil's Kitchen, Guna caves, Silent Valley View and Pine forest.

Which is the nearest railway Junction in Kodaikanal?
Kodai Road Junction is about 80km away from Kodaikanal town.

When is the flower show in Kodaikanal?
Flower show organised in the month of May every year in Bryant Park.

Which is the nearest airport to Kodaikanal?
Madurai airport is about 120km from Kodaikanal downhill.

What will be the weather in Kodaikanal during Summer and Winter?
During the summer, the weather will be 23°C to 35°C.
During the winter, the weather will be 18°C to 30°C.

When the rainy season does starts in Kodaikanal?
July to August is the rainy season in Kodaikanal.

What are the shopping places in Kodaikanal?
Corsock Cottage Craft Shop, Spices Corner, Tibetan Shops, The Cocoa Bean Chocolate Shop, Danish Display, Manna Chocolate Factory and Shalimar Weaves are some of the best places to go for shopping in Kodaikanal.

What are the sport activities in Kodaikanal?
Boating, Jungle trips, Trekking, cycling, Horse riding and coakers walk.

What is the height of Kodaikanal Hills?
Kodaikanal is 2,133 metres (6,998 ft) high above sea level.

What is the special of Kodaikanal?
Kodaikanal is one of the famous hill stations in South India. It is well known for moderate climate. We can see the blossom of kurunji flower here in 12 years once. Spice items are very cheap to shop and famous for homemade chocolates.

How to reach Kodaikanal by flight?
Madurai airport is the nearest airport to reach Kodikanal through flight. It is about 120 km away from Kodaikanal. You have to travel through roadway from Madurai to Kodaikanal.

Which are the best hotels in Kodiakanla?
There are so many hotels in and around Kodaikanal. They are in this link. Kodaikanal Hotels List

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