Kodaikanal Falls and Views

Bear Shola Falls

     An ideal picnic spot 1.6 km from bus stand and within 2 km off the lake, where once bears came to drink water.  Hence the name of the falls became Bear Shola falls.  The approach is rugged hill path.  The falls are at the best in rainy season.

Fairy Falls

      A delightful picnic spot just 5 km Kodai Lake.   There is a beautiful waterfall here.

Silver Cascade

     It is 8 km from Kodai lake.  The over-flow of Kodai Lake comes down here as a 180 feet high waterfall.

Pambar Falls

     “Grand Cascade” is another name for this magnificent falls.  It can be reached by a steep, precipitous path behind Pambar house.  Racing down Pambar Raivine is Zig-Zagging leving stream that cascades over a series of rock formations.  It is 4 km away from Kodaikanal.

Berijam Lake View

     This place provides a panoramic landscape view of Beriham Lake and is located just before one reaches the lake.  This viewpoint is 19 km from Kodaikanal Lake.

Green Valley View

     It is about 5.5 km from the lake and very near the Golf Club.  This point commands a beautiful view of the entire Vaigai dam.  As the Valley here is very deep, dense and dangerous this place was once known as “suicide point”.

Silent Valley View

     Just a little away from the Pillar Rock – Berijam Lake Road, is Silent Valley View which provides a breathtaking view.